About us

VEMSA designs, manufactures and assembles all types of metal structures for the residential, industrial and civil engineering sectors.

About us

The company VEMSA (VENTILACION, ESTRUCTURAS Y MONTAJES METALICOS S.L.), began its activity in the year 1975, carrying out since then its main activity: the design, the manufacture and the assembly of all type of metallic structures for the sectors of residential, industrial and civil work construction.

Founded in 1975

Due to its innovative character and continuous research, it has developed its own systems of structures, including enclosures and roofs, industrial ventilation and natural lighting.

During all these years, VEMSA has supplied and assembled its products to the main developers and the most important construction companies in Spain.

VEMSA's team is made up of qualified personnel specialized in the different phases of the projects. Currently, our staff consists of more than 60 people: engineers specialized in the calculation of metallic structures, certified welders in the workshop and on site, and specialized assemblers. The entire VEMSA team has a great deal of experience that contributes to the projects it carries out with the maximum guarantee of quality, know-how and strict compliance with the agreed deadlines.

Our factory is strategically located in Aranda de Duero (Burgos) to be able to easily supply the entire Peninsula, and is equipped with the necessary production means to be competitive with our products. We have delegations in Madrid and Bilbao, and a technical-commercial network that covers the entire national territory.

VEMSA has the qualification of the Ministry of Industry and Energy for the construction of all types of metal structures and their derivatives (warehouses, metal buildings, footbridges, bridges,...). Likewise, its Quality System is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

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