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Ventilation or air movement helps to dispense heat for the following reasons:

a) Helps to prevent surrounding radiation, while increasing internal radiation.

b) Contributes enormously to the loss of heat by convection.

c) It's fundamental to the loss of heat due to evaporation.


This makes high industrial temperatures tolerable, not to mention the clean and oxygenated ambient air.

For six or seven decades, ventilation has been thought to be something advantageous and necessary for the normal running of an industry.

The designer and architect soon realized that natural or static ventilation would solve the problem at a lower cost, avoiding maintenance expenses.

For proper ventilation, a detailed study on the balance of flow and pressure should be conducted. The best utilization of energy released by the production process itself, based on the input and output of air at the top.  The lack or poor distribution of one or the other may void ventilation.

Ventilationmodelswe manufacture:


  • Small MPM Series
  • Large MPM Series
  • Monitor MPM Models
  • Air intake grilles
  • MPM Spot Series