Car Parks




Structure: The structural system is considered as statically indeterminate frames of single or double variable inertia, embedded in foundations.

The frames are made from a 3mm sheet; cold formed using high quality materials, with maximum interior reinforcement.

The design, calculation, and execution are considered standard under the MV of the Ministry of Housing, as well as the current official rules NTE, EH and EC, with the corresponding  safety factors and levels of control of steel production.



The Roofing: The roofing is made from a galvanized sendzimir steel sheet, trapezoidal and .6mm thick and affixed with self-tapping screws and neoprene washers to ensure tightness.  On request we can offer different types of roofing , such as preheated plate (various colors), polyester, etc.

Side Panels: The side panels are made from .6mm galvanized sheet steel, designed to hide the ends for a more aesthetic appeal.

Assembly: By designing this car park system as industrial construction, assembly becomes simple "mechanics" where all the pieces are screwed together, with no welded segments.  For this reason, assembly, although still traditional, enjoys the advantage of having everything laid out.

Expansions: For modular and geometric design, VEMSA car parks are easily expandable with additional modules.  A VEMSA car park can be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere.

Foundations: VEMSA will provide the anchor plates and leveling with threaded 18mmstee; to produce a foundation in the ground.